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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Addressing Modern Sexuality 

in Psychotherapy

Date: Saturday, November 6, 2021

Time: 10AM-4:30PM (Program)

Location: Live Webinar

Credits: 6 CEUs (NYS LMSWs, LCSWs, LMHCs, LMFTs, Psychologists)

Instructor: Dr. David Ley, Ph.D.

Cost: $149 Individual Rate,  $119 Early Bird (by 9/20/21), 

$99 Supersaver (by 8/20/21), $89 3+ Group Rate (each, same organization)   


[*Larger groups (same organization) – call for Special Rates*]


The overwhelming majority of licensed psychotherapists in the United States receive little to no training on sexuality, sexual health or sexual diversity as a part of their education and clinical training. Our society is undergoing incredibly sweeping changes in these areas, and many therapists feel unprepared to deal effectively with issues such as consensual nonmonogamy, gender diversity, pornography use, kink, and changing sexual values that their patients are bringing to therapy. 

Learning Objectives:

- learn to apply the principles of sexual health to diverse and evolving sexual relationships and behaviors;

- explore the impact of COVID-19, pandemic and quarantine on sexuality and intimate relationships

- learn how to identify the important clinical issues related to problematic pornography use

- identify strategies to help couples experiencing desire discrepancy and mismatched sexual interests

- apply lessons learned from the history of mental health, sexuality and technology to novel issues introduced by their patients 


David Ley, PhD. is a clinical psychologist, sex therapist and author, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He's the author of several books and research articles on sexuality, including his second book, the Myth of Sex Addiction, which sparked a firestorm of controversy and helped change the landscape of the sexual health and therapy field. 

Dr. Ley is a frequent guest in media around the world, with appearances in the New York Times, CNN and Time Magazine, as well as countless television and radio shows. 

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